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Save time and book your appointment online. If you have not yet had a consultation, then you will require an Initial Consultation. This is a longer session to allow time for a thorough investigation into the functioning of each body system. Once your practitioner has this information, then you will need a follow-up consultation every 2-4 weeks to monitor the effectiveness and progression of your treatment plan. 

If your seeking treatment for an acute condition such as a common cold, flu or other virus, then you may only need an Acute Consultation. This is a shorter consultation designed to quickly address presenting signs and symptoms and treat the one affected area of the body only.

If you would prefer to have a phone consultation please make a note of this in the comments section when making your appointment.

Please note: private health insurance rebates are no longer available for Naturopathic services. Please contact your insurance provider if you have any concerns regarding this. 


Initial Consultation

60 minutes ($150)

A comprehensive analysis of past & present health concerns, in-depth investigation into the current functioning of each body system, nutritional assessment, physical examination and iridology. An individualised treatment plan will be developed utilising natural remedies, dietary and lifestyle advice. If you have any recent test results please bring these with you.


Follow-up Consultation

30 minutes ($75)

Only book if you have already had an initial consultation. This consultation involves a review of treatment plan progression and discussion of any relevant test results. Further dietary and lifestyle recommendations may be suggested, and adjustments made to current treatment plan if required.

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Acute Consultation

30 minutes ($75)

This is a shorter consultation for the purposes of treating short-term health concerns, such as a common cold, flu or other virus, stomach bug, urinary tract infection and similar conditions. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your health concerns fit within this criteria and we will advise you as to which consultation will best suit your needs. 

If you require help with anything related to COVID-19 please see COVID-19 consultation below.


Pregnancy Consultation

60 minutes ($85)

Care focuses primarily on ensuring adequate nutrition for optimal maternal and foetal health, natural management of pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, heartburn, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, fluid retention etc., and the use of natural remedies to prepare the body for an optimal and natural birth. Other topics discussed include physical changes; baby's positioning; nutritional needs; medical intervention such as testing, vaccination and induction; breastfeeding; postpartum recovery and more.​​

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COVID-19 Consultation

30 minutes ($90)

Phone consultation only.


Covering a range of COVID related concerns from prevention and treatment to vaccine preparation and detox, as well as natural treatment for vaccine injury and recovery.


Energetic Healing

30 minutes ($75)

Coming soon...


Naturopath Brooke Lee is a proud descendant of the Gunaikurnai Tatungalung and Gunditjmara people, currently residing on Goodjinburra Clan land in Bundjalung country. Brooke acknowledges her connection to the land and it's ancestors when asking for permission to call in healing energy of the earth and spirit. This form of healing utilises earth and ancestral energies only and does not facilitate clairvoyant or medium communications. Read more here.

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