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Brooke Lee Naturopathy offers a high standard of care for pregnant women and their partners. We believe birth is sacred and women should be honoured during this time.

Care focuses primarily on ensuring adequate nutrition for optimal maternal and foetal health, natural management of pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, heartburn, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, fluid retention etc., and the use of natural remedies to prepare the body for an optimal and natural birth. Physical examinations such as blood pressure, blood sugar, fundal height, baby’s positioning and foetal heart rate are optional.

We care for mothers from as early as pre-conception, right through to their fourth trimester and beyond. Acknowledging and honouring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth in a truly holistic approach to prenatal healthcare.

We believe knowledge is power and place a strong emphasis on educating women and their partners about what to expect throughout each stage of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Topics include physical changes; baby's positioning; nutritional needs; medical intervention such as testing, vaccination and induction; breastfeeding; postpartum recovery and more.

This service is best suited to those looking to have a natural, intervention free pregnancy and birth, outside the medical system. All services are optional depending on the level of care the mother feels she needs.

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